About EOU

Congratulations! You have the opportunity to graduate to a higher degree of understanding about essential oils. The purpose of the Essential Oil University website is to provide accurate information and education regarding the world of essential oils.

EOU began as a testing organization founded by essential oil chemist Dr. Robert Pappas in 1998 as Applied Essential Oil Research. Dr. Pappas still continues to do analytical testing for the essential oil and fragrance industry today, specializing in GC/MS analysis and reporting the chemical breakdowns of literally hundreds of different essential oils, CO2s and absolutes. As a Ph.D. chemist, Dr. Pappas soon became recognized as a leading authority in the field and was trusted by a long list of clients especially in the essential oil, fragrance, and flavor industries.

Today, EOU is a leading education reference site regarding the chemical breakdowns of essential oils, absolutes, CO2’s and other aromatic materials. Dr. P has collected an enormous amount of analytical reference data for research and quality control education purposes, much of which we have compiled into the largest online chemical reference database for essential oils in the world. This incredible database is made available, to you. It is hoped that through education and the availability of good information, that a better and more widespread understanding about what true essential oils really are can be achieved, leading to the development of a truly meaningful “Therapeutic Grade” standard for essential oils.