EOU Database

The Essential Oil Chemical Reference database contains thousands of literature references and GC/MS reports for most any oil you may be seeking information regarding. Each citation will list the title of the article, authors names, title and page numbers of the journal referenced, and the complete chemical breakdown of the oil as reported in the article.

Searches can be done by oil name, botanical name, chemical name or CAS#. In addition, chemical structures are available for many of the chemical components along with circular links to show you all the oils that contain a specific component and at what percentage. As an additional feature of the new EOU database you can now not only sort each chemical breakdown by component percentage but also by retention index on both DB5 and Carbowax GC columns.  This is an invaluable tool for the analytical chemist working in essential oil related fields.

We are are certain you will find this database very useful as it is the largest online essential oil chemical reference database in the world.


Oils and Compounds

4,152 Oils

4,221 Compounds


by Oil Name

by Latin Botanical

by Compound

by CAS


1,382 Carbowax

1,461 DB5