Why a "free" Oil Can Still Be a Scam Oil 9 years ago

There is a page out there called "I Love EssentialOils" which is basically a front for a company that is selling fake essential oils. I know there are several pages called this but this one in particular is promoting a brand that is selling, in many cases, synthetic fragrance compounds and calling them 100% organic essential oils. Not only is it illegal to call a product organic without organic certification but they are also selling products are not even natural (as demonstrated by by the Honeysuckle EO analysis and more to come, if anyone has that ridiculous product called Apple EO I would love to take a look at that one!). I am not going to link to this page from here because I don't want to give them free advertisement, but they have bought themselves quite a lot of “likes” by giving away their fake junk oils.

Unfortunately they have some supporters who will defend them to the hilt despite hard evidence that these are not essential oils. And they will claim that nobody is being ripped off because many of these bottles have been given away for free (actually its in exchange for likes and positive reviews, even though not required, but most people will give a positive review when you've given them something for free, that’s another issue). As if "free" snake oil excuses one from being a snake oil salesman.

I am speaking out about this because there have been few cases worse than this in my 20 years in this industry of a company so blatantly giving the EO industry a bad name that I could not let this one go any longer. I want people to understand, that just because you give something away doesn’t necessarily mean you are not scamming. If you give someone a product that is called 100% organic essential oil and it contains large amounts of toxic chemicals like DEP then you are still committing fraud and scamming people. If people think these are truly natural and organic products, you have to know that some people are going to ingest them and put them on their skin. I hate to think of the potential for injuries here from this unethical company grossly misrepresenting its products. I would have no problem with this page if it were called “I Love Synthetic Fragrance Oils” but make no mistake about it, If you like this page, you DON’T love essential oils, they have NOTHING to do withtrue essential oils. Please unlike them immediately and share this post if you really do LOVE ESSENTIAL OILS!!!

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